bad (word)press

Can I just tell you that the WordPress blog stats are a UPOC (that’s “useless piece of crap”, in case it wasn’t obvious). Basically, all I know is that some people, sometimes, find their way here. I can’t even set up a nice little map of the world on which all two of you would appear as red dots. As far as I know, the situation can’t be improved, not even with money. If I’m wrong and something can be doneĀ  – other than uproot this virtual home of mine, skip over a fence and settle among greener grass (although if you know where that pasture might be, do tell), please leave a comment. Thanks. Regular service will be resumed shortly.


2 Responses to bad (word)press

  1. Tuomas says:

    I think that there might be some other services similar to the Google Analytisc, so even though you can’t use that, you might find something similar? This is just a guess though, I haven’t actually looked any others up (but Googling should find them if they exist).

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