The Da Capo Code #8

Our building, like many others, has a code lock at the main entrance. This is good: assuming one comes home before 8 pm, there’s no need to take off one’s gloves and look for one’s keys, fingers freezing. No, just punch in the code and enter. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Wrong. Nevermind the fact that I quite often come home after 8 pm when the lock no longer works anyway. What bothers me is the attitude. Acting all high and mighty and fickle; oh the inconstancy! It usually takes me more than one attempt at the numbers to get in – and I know the right combination! And I keep punching in the same combination! I haven’t given up – I refuse to give up in front of this inanimate authority – but I’ve began to approach the door with something akin to trepidation.

Sometimes it still works. When I came back from my run yesterday there were a few neighbours close by, and in their presence, magically, once was enough; I was admitted in after just four goes at the number keys. Returning home again later was a different story, though. I actually thought I’d have to just get the key, or that surely the combination must be wrong, or that I’m quite simply going a bit bananas (I do eat a lot of them, after all, and a lot of nuts as well). I lost count, but definitely it took me more than ten attempts until I finally got in – more like fifteen. That’s a long time to be standing at the door wondering whether you’ve become a bit demented, trying to change the rhythm and the speed of the punches, and the pressure, and the interval between attempts, and yes, it does seem awfully silly now that I’m safely at home.

The curious thing is that I haven’t even considered phoning the company that’s supposedly taking care of the building. I figured that if other people were having problems, too, someone would already have done that. It’s probably just me, I thought. But then I went to visit someone yesterday and they had a code lock too and it didn’t have any trouble letting me in, so now I wonder whether there is, actually, something wrong with the lock after all. But maybe just a few more attempts, and perhaps I should start a spreadsheet or something, collecting data on how the lock works or works not…pigheaded, who, me? (Or just plain bonkers. And not very comfortable talking to strangers.)

Hyvää isänpäivää!


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