Kitchen discoveries: creaming #7

Before going bananas, let it be said that I saw the slush, I felt the slush, I became the slush. Yes, reader: I went running. Verdict: doable. For now. Note to self: next time stick to the paved roads. It was good, though. Praying for now ice…

Despite liking baking, a lot, I’ve never been keen on trying anything elaborate. A huge fan of the stir-and-bake method, me, and consequently I don’t have a huge stack of recipes demanding that I cream eggs or butter with sugar that I would need to veganise. I can’t think of any, actually, although I do need to find a way to replace sour cream/creme fraiche/yoghurt with things other than soy products. But maybe I’ll just switch from recipes demanding sour dairy products to the ones that demand I cream something with something, because on a grey Friday morning an accidental kitchen discovery was made:

bananas + sunflower oil + a splash of oat milk + a drop of vanilla + an immersion blender = a foamy, creamy substance that might not raise a cake but certainly gave a lovely fluffiness to biscuits.

More experiments are needed, but a new era may be dawning. :) (About those biscuits/cookies: no, I haven’t broken my sugar-free month just yet. No sweetening besides the bananas. They were alright, but I didn’t quite get the spices right. Next time, Gadget, next time…)


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