A Grain of Love: Oats #3

First of all: help, if you can, Chocolate-Covered Katie to raise money for charity. All you have to do is click. You might also want to click for her banana-melting tips, which I was thinking about just this morning, wondering whose idea it was in the first place…and what do you know, my RSS reader promptly gave me the answer, no googling necessary.

Grains. I love grains, pretty much all of them. But one of my oldest, bestestest friend of all time is oats. Their soft taste, their moistness, their tummy-soothing abilities — what’s not to love? I’ve recently developed a lovely quick-bread recipe that relies heavily on oats (more about that another time, perhaps, if anyone’s interested..?), I put porridge oats in my smoothies, I love oaty biscuits, but most of all I love oats in the morning, whether it’s just in a bowl with, er, whatever (I often make my own “müsli” simply by mixing oats with seeds; add fresh fruit or berries and oatmilk — ah, yes, I also mainly use organic oatmilk for any milky needs these days — and enjoy) or in a quick porridge.

I won’t lie: I’d never eat porridge in the morning if I had to cook it in a separate pot. Too many dishes. Microwave is my shameful secret: oats and water in a bowl, a few minutes on full power, mix, add other good stuff, eat. I used to mash or slice banana in my porridge quite regularly anyway, but the melty tip above transforms a bland oats & banana porridge into something quite luxurious. Just but the banana in the microwave with the oats and water and mash & mix when the porridge is done. Try it. I’m serious.

I almost always add flaxseed, often sunflower seeds, sometimes coconut oil and cocoa nibs; today I settled for flax and a mix of Christmas spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger. Very, very good.

Gotta run. Remember to eat you porridge, darlings!



One Response to A Grain of Love: Oats #3

  1. Thank you so so much!!! I can’t tell you how much your compassion means to me (and the people who will be helped by generous souls such as yourself).

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