Happy hallowe’en

It’s almost gone already, but quick, go get into the spirit of things, and maybe the Great Pumpkin will appear in Your pumpkin patch.

Vegan MoFo is gone and an inspiring reading marathon over, but now its time for NaBloPoMo 2009. I’m not sure whether I’ll actually properly participate – I thought I would, but I’ve been reconsidering my ideas and they just don’t seem that blog-worthy… Possibilities include:

  • my adventures into the world of vegan, gluten-free (but with oat) cooking/eating – a month late, but then I never did like crowds,
  • flow and application thereof: what is Csikszentmihalyi on about and could I actually dedicate a month to inserting more flow into the way I experience life day to day?
  • gratitude, journaling of; just to focus on the positives for once, why not let the world know what made me happy today, every day?
  • when I grow up, I want to be Mary Poppins, aka find-your-calling: since I need to figure out career-direction-y stuff anyway (*sigh* – will it never end?) I might as well do a bit of writing on the topic and catalogue my options/interests/day-dreams/castles in the clouds.

Any opinions, from non-spam commenters? (No, I’m not expecting any, but it seemed polite to ask.) I’ll think about it. Sleep on it, as they say, and quite possibly realise tomorrow that I haven’t got time to write.

Sleep, yes…I wonder how that’s going to happen in my current sugar-drunk, wide-awake state. I kind of gave myself permission to celebrate all the hallows with sugary treats and went overboard with it. I’ve recently noticed a growing tendency: the evenings grow darker, the weather gets colder, I get more weary and SAD by the day and instinctively try to mend the situation by eating, preferably something with lots of carbs. This does NOT make me feel better – on the contrary. And after a (final) night of excessive indulging it seems appropriate to declare a Sugar-Free Month, starting tomorrow, meaning that chocolate is out. Baking is restricted to savoury creations. Added sugar in all sorts of products – you’d be surprised, just read the labels – is a no-go (but exceptions can be made when dining out, since that only happens once in a blue moon anyway). Hopefully this will help curb all manner of cravings and tiredness and get me through the month of November without turning into a raving chocomonster…

Okay, that’s all for now. Maybe back tomorrow (well, today, actually), maybe not, but happy blogging anyway, and a brilliant November to all!


2 Responses to Happy hallowe’en

  1. Tuomas says:

    Does it require a theme? Why not just post a little bit about all those things?

    • moonwriting says:

      No, a theme is not required – I just thought it might make things more interesting and coherent to have one. But I’m probably going to do just that: post about whatever seems easiest on any given day. Autumn leaves today, perhaps polenta tomorrow…

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