Chock and horror

I didn’t think it would be possible for me to overdose on chocolate. Or, you know, to eat so much chocolate that I’d actually feel a bit sick and regretful; I’ve certainly been known to happily consume doses of the stuff that definitely were over the limits of ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ or, like, ‘sane’.

But now? I’ve been going towards vegan/gf/more (though nowhere near high) raw, and eating less sweets. I was already quite satisfied, having eaten a bit more than I do on most nights because of the cold and the dark, but the good dark chocolate was calling out to me and I thought ‘why not’. I had some. And one more piece. And just one more – I was reading food blogs – and maybe one more bite…until I’d eaten 50 g of the velvety bitterness.

In the old days that would have meant nothing. A not insignificant amount, objectively speaking, but not enough to get my tummy into a twist. These days? Ouch. Yuck. Why, oh why did I have to do something so stupid?

Bonus points for all the caffeine that will now keep me up so that I can regret properly. Stupid is as stupid does.


Howl at the moon

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