Was it something I said?

[I haven’t felt very inspired by my routines, hence the lack of posts.]

One of the feelings I hate the most is when you maybe said something stupid or acted in a way that was silly but aren’t really sure – it’s just that someone (usually someone I don’t know, or don’t know well) seemed to think so, gave a funny look, said something snappish back… A bad first impression, showing my (physically & socially) clumsy side and  no redeeming qualities. Basically, I’m afraid people won’t like me.

But what could I have done differently? I am who I am, clumsiness included. Why should I care what people think? Why should I worry about it so much that I now find it hard to relax and call it a day and go to bed? Why do I do this again and again and again? Now there’s a habit to be changed. Insecure, who, me?


Howl at the moon

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