The Other Hand (RC #6)

Today’s switch was an altogether boring one, and one I’ve tried before: I swapped the mouse from the right side to the left at work. My home computer is a laptop and mercifully touchpadded, so my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome preventing measures only reach as far as the office. I’ve done this so many times before that, really, it was just a matter of making the mouse jump over the keyboard – I have no problems using it with my left hand. I’ve just hadn’t noticed how bad things were getting.

While we’re being all ambidextrous, I cut my left hand at the weekend and had to be a bit careful with it for a day or two and ended up opening jars with my right hand. Mouse in the left hand? No problem. Open jars with the right one? You have got to be kidding me. It has hard, I’m telling you, hard. So not very ambidextrous after all.


Howl at the moon

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