I know what I’m doing (RC #5)

My mum moved house recently and I stayed the night at her new place not long ago. It was nice, but curiously stressful at the same time. I didn’t know where anything was, the sounds (or rather the blissful lack of noise from neighbours/traffic/passing dogs/anything) were strange, the shower took some getting used to. I kept moving my things around, trying to find a place for them and, with them, myself.

I’ve moved house an unhealthy number of times – the stress, oh the stress – and have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done: build routines. Figure out the most effective/comfortable/elementary ways to do things and then keep doing them that way – i.e. build routines.

Routines enable us to concentrate on other things. While I do think it’s good to shake them up every now and then and check whether they actually are as optimised as I think they are, I also value my routines and appreciate the easiness of a familiar pattern, of a predictable day. Having to constantly rebuild everything would be incredibly stressful and laborious.

And so I report nothing out of the ordinary. Just a celebration of stability.


2 Responses to I know what I’m doing (RC #5)

  1. Tuomas says:

    So the house was ok then? It will have to be my base of operations for two weeks in August…

    • moonwriting says:

      Not bad, takes some getting used to and a bit of furnishing, but alright. Far away, though.

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