Routine (un)challenge #2

So, turns out I’m really stuck in my routines, such as they are. The day was much like any other except for the weather which was really, really hot and made me want to just skip a few days until it’s nice and cool again. Strangely enough, today was also the day that I voluntarily spent hunched over my computer at work, trying to figure out the best way to use a javascript thingy that’s quite good but not perfect for something I need to do.

Actually, let that be my break from routine for today: work was all about problem-solving and figuring things out for myself and learning rather than the usual rather mindless and mechanical chores that my job mostly consists of. And this was nice even if it did mean spending an inordinate number of hours in a hot, stuffy office staring at a very big screen. Note to self: find a job with a better creativity/routine ratio.


Howl at the moon

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