Routine challenge #1

NaBloPoMo is a year round event, although obviously not on my blog. The theme for July is ‘routine’, and while I’m making no promises, I thought I’d try and post a bit more often than I’ve been wont to do of late, since I feel like challenging my routines. The way I’m going to try to do this is by looking at the otherwise ignored routines in my life and trying to change them ever so slightly, one by one. The change doesn’t have to be permanent, or noticeable to anyone but myself and, through these posts, hopefully a reader or two. And this is not as much about breaking routines as it is about becoming aware of them; sure, break any vicious circles and come up with better ways of doing things, but it’s enough even to just observe a behavioural pattern for a day.

Today’s routine change? I got up on the other side of the bed. The narrow gap between my bed and the window. And hear ye, hear ye, this was good. It made me look out of the window and take a deep breath before getting to my normal morning routine. Could try it again.


Howl at the moon

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