hot & bothered

I don’t deal well with heat. Today I also happen to be a bit tired and achy-footed and stuff, so I’ve spent much of the day so far sitting on my bed, lap top duly on-lap, and enjoying the summery weather at a safe-ish distance. (Dandelion fluff swirling around me thanks to the open windows; heat inescapable regardless of the them.) I’m hot, and not in a good way. My laptop agrees and joins me in my discomfort.

Enter solution. As I decided to see whether my pathetic little ice box could produce ice cubes, I noticed that I’d left a cold pack in there. It had frozen solid (good news for my ice cubes) and needs to be defrosted anyway…so I put it in a plastic bag, rolled a towel around it and placed it between my thighs and the ‘puter.


Heleää helluntaita itse kullekin!


Howl at the moon

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