I dedicated today to cleaning. Target: the whole flat. Biggest challenge: my two windows, one Big, one normal.

The windows are old and I was washing them for the first time so spent a lot of time fiddling with the latches. I started with the big one. First the inside, nice and easy. Then opening the first pane…wait, I need a chair to get the top latch…oh, the leg got caught in the bucket, lift it a little… [didn’t lift enough, kept moving the chair]…and that’s five litres of very soapy water on the floor, approaching the electric cords…ooh, it moves fast, obviously because the floor’s crooked, and there’s those holes next to the walls, the water will go under the flooring – and I should probably find something to soak it up with…I just took all the newspapers out, every last one of them…towels…[mopping…more mopping…some very serious mopping…yes, even more mopping, this is going to take a while, you might as well go put the kettle on…]…and there, situation under control. Now how about that last latch..

All this time I was completely calm, not even irritated, not swearing at all and certainly not about to let a little spill get in my way.  Must be the teaching experience. Very character-building, is teaching. My windows are now clean (as is my floor).

Why am I telling you this? No particular reason.


Howl at the moon

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