Bowel movements

I just spent a Long Time looking for euphemistic synonyms for taking a crap. All in a day’s work…

I’m also shitting myself because I found a new flat and gave notice of leaving my old one (with its noisy neighbours) just this morning and will sign a new lease tomorrow if all goes well and have way too much work right now and soon not enough work at all and no idea whether this whole moving thing is a change for the better or the opposite of better and whether I can survive my current work load. So, yay, and also argh.

Of times I know not, but my address is a-changing.


3 Responses to Bowel movements

  1. sam says:

    Yeay for new flat!! Where’s it at? D’you need help carrying boxes?

  2. Tuomas says:

    Oh, so where is the new place?
    I’m looking for one myself. Got one that looks promising in mind, but it’s a bit out of the way. Close to a huge Tesco though.

  3. moonwriting says:

    Tuomas: quite close to where your India friend lives, I believe. Sam: very close to…well, the rhododendrons. So well-connected. And I got the keys today! Yay!
    And woe is me, because I’m a bit sick and utterly, hopelessly drowning in a rubbish heap of work. And I slept less than five hours last night. As for carrying boxes, that would be great. Now I just need someone to pack them for me. :) And some sleep. Sleep. Must sleep.

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