Changes announced

This is a cheap solution, this, but bear with me – I have a gazillion essays to mark and can’t afford the time to produce original content.

Anywho. Everything changes but you (forgive me, but this song just takes me back to the…angstier days of my youth) is not the way it’s going to be, and David is leaving. What I hadn’t realised was that they’ve already chosen the new doctor and that there’s going to be an Announcement. Tonight! Something to look forward to. Although David will always be My doctor – he was my first one, after all. (I then went back to watch the ninth doctor, which was a strange way to do things, but there you go. Time travel and all that – who says tv has to be linear?)

Argh. Must get back to work. I’ve run away from my new neighbour (more changes, see?) to be able to work and Must. Be. Efficient. Over and out.


Howl at the moon

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