Best of

Happy New Year! May it bring you all the change you want, all the stability you need and the ability to enjoy both.

One more, then I’ll stop, I promise. I just feel the need to look back a little more. Thus I present you with

The Best of 2008 (idea and most categories borrowed from someone else) (as many things as I can think of, or feel like adding, in each category):

Tim Minchin in London. I also recommend the impro nights at The Comedy Store.

I keep saying this. Reino with his Rhinos. But hey, why not try Piiskaajat?

Despite what I said before (Once, and Wall-E and Vicky Christina Barcelona) I’ll go with Happy Go Lucky and Porco Rosso (which is not a new film but I saw it last year). Actually, not a bad year in film after all.

Flight of the Conchords has been great YouTube entertainment; Tim Minchin (aah), Ed Byrne…I even saw Tom Wrigglesworth, who deserves a mention because I saw him live, he has a funny name and he wasn’t half bad.

Pekka Halonen at Ateneum was great, and I liked some of the minimalist Americans at Kiasma.

The Museum of Worker’s Housing as they call themselves was great. I later found out that relatives of mine used to live in similar housing in the area.

See earlier post. Nothing to get excited about. Although I’m a fan of the English Prepositional Idioms by Frederick T. Wood, lent to me by a friend.

I really like Tampere. Maybe I should move there.

It wasn’t the new laptop which has caused a lot of grief. It wasn’t the digital camera I finally got, although it’s nice to have one. It wasn’t even my new pair of glasses, which I’m growing to like quite a lot. It was my fantastic new tap shoes.

When in London, try Just Falafs. In Tampere, Veganissimo is the place to go. In Helsinki you could go to Bar 9.

Friends’ video cameras. Although I hardly used the actual tapes, it was important to know that most things were on record. (You know, choreography-wise.)


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