It’s so dark it’s almost Black

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! Rejoice in the darkness! I started my celebrations yesterday with a nice temperature of 38.3 degrees C, followed by a night of truly disturbing dreams. First day of the holiday, you see. It’s tradition, man.

So. Today, rather than go and have glögi with friends and sing Christmas carols with the local Anglicans, I’m most likely to sit at home cursing my lack of TV/newspaper/remote control for my radio/someone to run to the shops for me and make me food and bring me a drink and keep me company unless I want to sleep. Basically, being an adult sucks. Maybe I’ll just take a couple of pain killers and go out anyway. I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping yet. I can’t be ill. It’s unfair.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll check today’s temperature. And possibly delve into my pile of old VHS tapes. Hours of fun to be had, I’m sure.


Howl at the moon

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