7 things

You either know me or you don’t. And you either know these things about me or you don’t. And it either matters or it doesn’t, but here they are, anyway: seven things about me.

1) I strongly dislike celery. A vile creature. Capable of wrecking an otherwise enjoyable meal. Should be banned.

2) The fact that I have four more very full days of work ahead of me before the holidays makes me desperate and jubilant in equal measure.

3) Lately I’ve been made happy by this:

4) I hold no authority over teenagers.

5) I need a lot of silence. Every day. Sometimes it may be noisy silence, with a dozen voices talking inside my head, but I need it. Crave it. Have a very hard time managing without it.

6) I often fail to take care of things to do with the real world, such as tax issues, job applications, insurance… I don’t think I should become self-employed.

7) When I’m tired enough, I lose my command of any and all languages I know and end up wondering for example about the difference between ‘loving’ and ‘being in love’, except that I couldn’t remember the word for the former and was actually just repeating ‘in love/…?’ in my head over and over. (And before you ask: no, I wouldn’t say I’m in love.) When I’m tired enough, I end up standing in front of the clocking machine at work in the morning genuinely wondering whether I should press ‘in’ or ‘out’.

7 1/2) I’m tired enough.


Howl at the moon

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