Happy Advent!

I’m still here! NaBloPoMo, my first ever, is finishing and I made it! Well, sort of – let’s not talk about actual content, shall we? Then again, my aim was quite simply to make it through the month and make a habit out of writing here, and that I’ve done.

In other news: porridge. I had oatmeal porridge for breakfast. Then I thought that I should celebrate the first advent by doing something Christmas-sy and decided on – more porridge. The inspiration was rice porridge with cinnamon and sugar; the outcome was barley porridge made with oat milk instead of the real thing and, although I did have and use cinnamon, I didn’t have any regular sugar and used babies’ fruit puree instead. Not half bad, even if the only original ingredient was cinnamon.

Happy advent!

Happy advent!


Howl at the moon

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