There’s the work I’m being paid to do. Lots of it.

There’s the work – not much of it though – that I will/would be paid for, very little, later this week, and that involves possibly some nice people I’d like to see again.

There’s the job I’d love to get but probably can’t/couldn’t and for the improbable getting of which I would have to skip the work in the previous entry and travel a bit at a very inconvenient time.

And then there is a general restlessness and a laziness and Procrastination: The Ultimate Course for Advanced Students, which includes a ton of pointless see-sawing about should/shouldn’t and self-confidence and skills and nice people and not so nice people and people in between.

On this list, can you guess which end represents my highest priorities at the moment? (Hint: I’m blogging instead of marking exams.)

Seriously, though. I don’t know what to think. I need an impartial observer. Or a partial one, I don’t care – I just need to talk things through with someone who’s willing and able to share their views on the not so trivial matter, not to me, of how I’m going to get through this week. Apply within.


4 Responses to Priorities

  1. Christine says:

    Wouldn’t be good for the job. I have trouble keeping my own priorities straight! I am a fly by the seat of the pants person and have had to wing it too many times to count. Yet…somehow…I always seem to land on my feet.

    Yeash! I am talking in cliches! Oh No…..

  2. moonwriting says:

    Ooh, a comment from someone I don’t know – welcome! I’m not sure I’m any good for the job I have or the one I want, but at least I’ve managed to work a bit tonight…which is why I’m still up.

  3. Tuomas says:

    Sorry, I’m keeping quite busy myself for a bit still, so probably won’t be of much help, but you’ve got my sympathies. I’ve got a pile of essays to look forward to myself, but I think I’ll leave most of them for next year! ;)

  4. sam says:

    Tea. Offer open immediately, valid indefinitely.

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