Time for a change

A bit of googling taught me that today is called Stir-up Sunday in the Anglican tradition. Whatever it’s called, it feels like a good time to take stock. And then I stumbled (just in the normal way, not with the web browser addition thingy) upon an interesting meme idea. A six-word memoir, possibly illustrated.

My life in six words. Right. Here goes nothing:

Try. Regret. Remember Beckett. Retry. Re-regret.

Well that was gloomy. Must be the looming workload, the chocolate overdose (talk about regret…also, nausea) and Sunday all combined. I may try again later. Then again, perhaps I’d better not…

Pictures? I’ll go with this one, which needs no explanation if you know me:


One Response to Time for a change

  1. bookbabie says:

    Thanks for playing, love the memoir, very thought provoking:)

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