When you spend ten hours of your day at work and know you have to go back tomorrow (although it’s a Saturday) and you don’t really want to or feel able to blog about work, there’s nothing much to blog about. (For ‘you’ in the previous sentence insert ‘I’, obv.) My writing is very ‘dear diary’ as it is, and nothing much happening in my life doesn’t exactly help in discovering riveting topics for posting.

Nothing much has changed since yesterday except that I feel more tired and more SAD (at work all day, I even missed the sunshine) and didn’t have time for a tap class or even a walk today and have been eating like a madwoman all day. I wanted to get my new tap shoes but didn’t have time. I need to find new glasses but finding good frames is a pain in the region where the sun don’t shine (that would be everywhere then, this time of year) and I haven’t the time – and it’s impossible anyway, deciding on a new look without being able to properly see what it is. What happens is that I take off my glasses, pick a frame, try it on, squint at the mirror, take it off, put my glasses back on and stare at the shelves, bewildered, not knowing which pair I just tried on. Takes absolutely forever.

I should try to sleep to the hum of a neighbours stereosystem now. Ho-hum.


One Response to Workety-work-four-eyes

  1. sam says:

    No, look, when you go try to find new glasses (ie frames), you need someone to come with you, of course, to function as your eyes. Someone who’s taste you trust, or who’s honesty you value. (..not that I’m one to talk about getting new glasses, since I’ve been needing to get myself a new pair for monts now.)

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