One moment the wave takes you high up, the next you fall fall fall and crash land. A less than lovely day at work today. People are difficult. And gyms are ridiculously expensive. I visited one today to find out about their pricing and stuff. A minimum 12-month contract was offered to me. 12 months! I hardly know where I’ll be in three. Ridiculous, I’m telling you.

I tried so hard to go to bed early yesterday. And I did, only I had to get back up again because there was too much noise and I was too restless. Tonight seems pretty noisy as well but fingers crossed… I took a herbal pill that’s supposed to relax me and induce sleep. Let’s hope it helps.

Winter is a-coming, I hear, and yay! to that. A little snow lighting up the darkness might be just what the doctor ordered.


Howl at the moon

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