Times a-changing?

My luck has turned. Bang in the middle of this horrible November. Not only nice people and a nearly confirmed job offer (doing the same old university stuff I’ve done before, poorly paid and part time but ah, the freedom…and it leaves me time to look for other poorly paid things to do – and comes with cheap gym access, yay) but also: the taps for my tap shoes have arrived! I can go and get my new tap shoes any time!

I’m incredibly tired. I slept for maybe five hours last night and did a lot of work today and have a lot of work tomorrow and all through the week. Still, it won’t be forever. I’m on a high, surfing, hoping for the wave to hold up a little longer. Should sleep a little, though. The sooner the better, actually. I’ve succumbed to sugar again, and only sleep and exercise can save me now. Starting with sleep.


Howl at the moon

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