Some day

I very nearly forgot to post today, but hey-ho, here I am. Tired and Sunday-blues-y. I didn’t get any work done today and I haven’t slept too well – them damn neighbours again: woke me up last night, the bastards. I’ve been browsing to-let-ads today.

I went to see Wall-E with a friend and liked it. Light-hearted entertainment it wasn’t, though: stepping out of the auditorium, the consumerist mecca of the cineplex seemed to glare with a slightly more sinister glow than when I first went in. As it should.

A heavy week coming up, work on Saturday as well, and things piling up. As I mentioned to someone, if I spread myself any thinner I can be used as cling film. Then again, things have been worse and I’ve survived. I just have to grit my teeth and get to it.

-Olkoon asiat miten hyvänsä, jokaisella päivällä on omat huolensa. Tulossa olevat huolet ovat huomisen huolia. Tähän päivään on huolia kertynyt niin paljon, ettei enempää enää millään mahdu. (Elina Karjalainen: Uppo-Nalle ja erakko)

(Be things as they may, each day has its worries. The worries still to come belong to tomorrow. There have been so many worries today that there is no room for more. (Translation mine.))


Howl at the moon

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