Party anxiety

I have trouble with normal day-to-day grooming. I certainly don’t scrub up well. ‘Washed’ is the most hairdressing I can manage; ‘3-year-old with fingerpaints’ aptly describes my make-up skills. And clothes then? I tend to get dressed in the morning. In clothes. That sometimes fit and match but often don’t.

I’m off to a party, with my innovative tape-of-love-secret-Santa-extravaganza, and can’t decide what to wear. There’s a pair of trousers I was thinking of, but they need to be shortened first. There are a couple of skirts, all of them slightly too small, and all my tights are definitely way too small for me (plus I really, really hate wearing tights). And then there are the t-shirts I wear every day anyway. And I’m supposed to be a little bit festive, to seem like I’ve made an effort, but prefer to be comfortable. So should I just go in my normal clothes and be comfortable physically but feel underdressed, or put on a skirt and keep pulling and tugging and squirming all night and most likely still look underdressed?

Wish me luck…


Howl at the moon

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