Tape of Love

My workplace is having an early staff Christmas party tomorrow. Everyone is supposed to bring a present worth no more than 3 euros and then receive a random present of roughly the same value, brought by someone else. I spent a dreadful hour today in the shops, trying to figure out what to get.

There was the cheap bookshop that had a 2-euro discount section with some seriously bad/dated/uninteresting titles. Hmm. Perhaps I’d better not.

There was the overpriced health shop. I think I’d better aim for more value for money than a granola bar.

There was the expensive bookshop. 3 euros worth of boring Christmas decorations isn’t much of a present now is it?

There was the cheap stationery shop. I was getting desperate. And then I bought a roll of adhesive tape on a pink dispenser for 70 cents.

I spent another long while in a few other shops and ended up with some fair trade chocolate and a permanent marker with which I wrote “Tape of Love” on one side of the dispenser and “The Sticky Stuff” on the other, with a couple of hearts for decoration and a sincere wish that I’ll have time to come up with plan A tomorrow.

Still, I kind of like it. 3 euros worth of love. (Well, actually not yet; I still have 1,10 left.) Because, you know, chocolate IS love, and it’s fair and all that, and because tape can never be just tape again once you’ve heard the Flight of the Conchords share their views on love, and things…

Brown paper, white paper
Stick it together with tape
The tape of love
The sticky stuff.


Howl at the moon

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