Goggle karma

I had a pair of glasses. My third and fourth eye. I really liked them, they were very comfortable, but someone sat on them and they got bent and when I needed new ones, I had to get new frames as well.

I had a new pair of glasses which was, after a lot of trouble, very much like my former pair of glasses. I learnt to really like them, but someone sat on them and they got bent and weren’t as comfortable anymore. I still liked them though, but then a friend of mine left them between a closing window and its frame, and I was left with three pieces of lens instead of two, plus some seriously bent metal. So much for going to the theatre/cinema tonight.

I need yet another new pair of glasses. It’s Saturday evening. I have a full schedule on Monday. I can only pray that my friend’s insurance covers at least part of the cost. And now I’m stuck with my first pair of glasses, bent and scratched. Also loud neighbours with their bloody soundsystems.

What god of ophthalmic accessories have I inadvertently enraged?


Howl at the moon

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