3-2-1-go: NaBloPoMo

To get this blog well and truly started, here’s what I thought: I’ll post every day for a month. What better way to distract myself from the darkness of November? There’s a badge and everything, but I don’t know how to display it on the sidebar (or whether it’s possible to do so without paying extra). Go see for yourselves.

Now, does this count as November’s first post? I haven’t even gone to bed yet, but it’s technically tomorrow and the beginning of my new, productive writing life. (I’m big on good intentions, anyway. Huge. Enormous. I plan to sort out my diet and exercise regime as well, and be really efficient at work, and find a new job, and make new friends and get all my Christmas shopping done before December and…well, as you can see, it’s good to have one mission possible on the list, so NaBloPoMo, here I come.)


Howl at the moon

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